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Our office offers 24/7 crisis response and assistance to victims of crime, family members in cases of violent and sudden death, and to people whose homes have been damaged or lost in a fire or other natural disaster. We provide information, follow-up support, and referrals to other agencies or organizations that may be able to assist a victim. We also act as a liaison between victims and the criminal justice system, provide accompaniment by an advocate to court, and assistance with obtaining a civil protection order. We serve victims of crime in Black Hawk, Central City, and Gilpin County.


Located at:

Gilpin County Justice Center 

2960 Dory Hill Road, Suite 300,

Black Hawk, CO 80422


Phone: 303-582-5926 

After Office Hours, please call Gilpin County Dispatch at 303-582-5511 and request to have the on-call advocate contacted.





Emergency:  911

Gilpin County Sheriff's Office Administration:  303-582-1060

Gilpin County Dispatch:  303-582-5511    

Gilpin County Jail:  303-582-3576


Black Hawk Police Department Administration: 303-582-0503

Black Hawk Dispatch:  303-582-5878

1st Judicial (Gilpin and Jefferson Counties) District Attorney:  303-271-6800



A service to promote dignity and respect for those victimized in Gilpin County

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