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Gilpin Victim Services provides 24/7 crisis response and assistance to individuals victimized in Black Hawk, Central City, and Gilpin County. Advocates ensure the rights afforded to victims under the Victim Rights Act are fulfilled. Acting as a liaison an a resource between victims and law enforcement and the district attorney's office, advocates provide support throughout the criminal justice process. 


Located at:

Gilpin County Justice Center 

2960 Dory Hill Road, Suite 300,

Black Hawk, CO 80422


Phone: 303-582-5926 


Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

After Office Hours, please call Gilpin County Dispatch at 303-582-5511 and request to have the on-call advocate contacted.





Emergency:  911

Gilpin County Sheriff's Office Administration:  303-582-1060

Gilpin County Dispatch:  303-582-5511    

Gilpin County Jail:  303-582-3576


Black Hawk Police Department Administration: 303-582-0503

Black Hawk Dispatch:  303-582-5878

1st Judicial (Gilpin and Jefferson Counties) District Attorney:  303-271-6800



A service to promote dignity and respect and provide support and resources for those victimized in Gilpin County

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