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Sheriff Kevin M. Armstrong

Providing Professional Service with Integrity and Honor in Partnership with Our Community.



Your Leadership Team

  • Kevin Armstrong  – 38 Years of Law Enforcement Experience

  • Tonia Kapke, Undersheriff  – 29 Years of Law Enforcement Experience

  • Detentions Division Chief - Greg Demo

  • Patrol Division Chief - Sean Wheeler



Listening to the Voices of our Citizens

  • We will focus on building a safer community through crime prevention

  • We are strong believers in community policing practices in partnership with the Sheriff’s Office

  • We will partner with you and our county organizations to preserve our quality of life



Preparing our Community for Emergencies

A prepared community is a resilient community

  • We will provide strong deputy training to deliver exceptional service and encourage staff leadership development

  • We will continue to provide community education on emergency preparedness




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Sheriff Armstrong's Accomplishments
  • Prior to joining Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office, I worked with the Wheat Ridge Police Department for 35 years. I held the following positions and assignments at Wheat Ridge Police Department:

  • Patrol Officer

  • K-9 Officer

  • Detective

  • Member of the Jefferson County Critical Incident Response Team (JCCIRT), which included the Officer Involved Shoot Team and Independent Investigations Teams

  • As a member of the JCCIRT, I was an Investigator at the Columbine School Shooting

  • Then I became the Sergeant/Team Coordinator for the JCCIRT, and oversaw the investigation of the Platte Canyon School Shooting

  • Traffic Officer

  • Sergeant in Patrol

  • Sergeant in Investigations (Persons Crimes and Property Crimes Divisions)

  • Co-Created the Jefferson County Accident Response Team (JCART) for Officers involved in accidents. (Independent Investigations Teams)

  • Taught 4 Citizen Police Academy classes

  • Sergeant over the Crime Prevention Team and School Resource Officers

  • Coordinated the volunteer program

  • During my career, I have attended numerous classes related to law enforcement, ethics, leadership, and best practices. Here are a few highlights:

  • Supervisory Institute (2 week school for first line supervisors)

  • Government Budget training class

  • Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) – a 3 week school for first line supervisors and above, teaching about Practical Leadership Principles and theories

  • Graduate of Northwestern University of Staffing and Command School (10 week school over 5 months for first line supervisors to prepare them for Command positions in their organizations)

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