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G.C.A.R.T.'S purpose and concern is for the welfare of all domestic animals in emergency situations.  G.C.A.R.T. assists firefighters in the evacuation of large stock animals and smaller companion animals in the event of wild fire, toxic spill, or other natural or manmade disasters that may occur in Gilpin County.  Your filling out and submitting this survey form will assist G.C.A.R.T. in rescuing your animals during county emergencies if you are unavailable.  All information will remain confidential and be used only to assist rescue crews in the event of an emergency.  Please click on the link below for details.  Please call Vicki at 303-582-5214 with questions.


For news and up-to-date information on G.C.A.R.T.'s training, opportunities, and meetings, please follow this link.

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