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As a service to our community, the Gilpin County Sheriff's Office offers our citizens a vacation check program. Before you go out of town on vacation, give us a call and we will periodically check on your home to ensure that everything is secure.


If there a problem detected, the deputy will attempt to notify you or a designated caretaker. 


To take advantage of this service, call Gilpin Dispatch at 303-582-5500.


When you call, please be prepared to answer the following questions:


  • What is your address?

  • What is your name and phone number?

  • Where can we reach you in case of an emergency?

  • Do you have an emergency contact if we cannot reach you?

  • When are you leaving?

  • When are you returning?

  • Is anyone allowed at the residence while you are away?

    • If so, we will need their name, phone number, and a description of any vehicles they might drive to your residence

  • Are any vehicles being left at the residence?

    • What color?

    • What make, model, and year?

    • What is the license plate number?

  • Are you leaving any lights on or do you have any lights on timers?

  • Do you have a security alarm?

    • Who is the company?

    • Who is allowed to reset the alarm code? What is their contact information?

  • Have you stopped mail and paper delivery?



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