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The Gilpin County Communications Center is staffed by 6 full-time dispatchers a supervisor and a Communications Sergeant. We handle an average of 40,000 + calls a year. Communications Specialists with Gilpin County answer both emergent and non-emergent calls, and dispatch radio traffic for Law, Fire, and EMS. We proudly provide dispatch services for three law enforcement agencies (both State and local agencies), two fire departments, and the Gilpin Ambulance Authority.

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When Should I call 911?

Anytime you need the police, fire department or medical / rescue response immediately


Common 911 Calls

  • First aid calls for illness or injury

  • Fire, smoke or noxious odor

  • Any act involving physical violence such as domestic disputes, child abuse or fights

  • Traffic accidents or obstruction of traffic


Where Does The Call Go When I Dial 911?  

When you dial 911, the call goes to your local law enforcement/fire department communications center. With the help of US West and the use of special routing codes, your call is sent to the proper jurisdiction that you are calling from.  If you have knowledge of an emergency occurring in another city other than Gilpin County, we will either assist in directing your call to the proper jurisdiction or you must dial that agencies 10-digit number directly.


Information Automatically Displayed When Calling 911

The name of the phone subscriber or business.

The address of the residence or business.

The phone number.


What Information Will I Need To Give When I Call 911?  

We will verify your name, address and phone number with the information we receive on the computer.  We will also need to know the nature of your call.


For Crimes:
Any weapons involved?
The time lapse since the incident occurred.
Descriptions of people or vehicles involved.


Medical Calls:
Is the person conscious and breathing?
Is there a medical history?
Is the person on any medication?
Dispatchers certified in Emergency Medical Dispatching can provide medical assistance, such as CPR instructions, until rescue units arrive on scene.


Tips When Calling For Assistance  

  • Try to remain calm and speak slowly. 

  • Explain your request in one short sentence. 

  • Let the dispatcher ask you questions and remain on the line until you are told to disconnect.


What Should I Do If I Mistakenly Reach 911?  

Please stay on the line so we can verify whether or not you have an emergency.  If we are unable to determine if an emergency exists, we will send an officer to check your welfare.  The most common reasons 911 is accidentally dialed are: Children playing with the phone; misdials; and cordless phones with low batteries.


After We Receive Your Call  

All calls are prioritized.  For example, calls that are a threat to someone’s safety are handled before reports that are no longer in progress.  Customer care and service are a priority and we will handle your call as soon as possible: however, depending on the number and type of calls we have, your call may be delayed.



Emergency: 911


Non-Emergent Phone: 303-582-5500 or 303-582-5511


All Gilpin County Communication lines are Hearing Impaired Compliant                                                                 

Other Important Phone Numbers:


Sheriff’s Office Administration:



Detentions: 303-582-3576


Courts: 303-582-5522


Victim Services: 303-582-5926


Black Hawk Police: 303-582-5878


Road Conditions: 303-639-1111

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