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The Gilpin County Office of Emergency Management works to provide effective preparation for, efficient response to, and effective recovery from emergencies and disasters. We also ensure that plans are in place for big events within the county so that our citizens and visitors can enjoy them in a safe atmosphere.


What is emergency management?


Emergency Management plans, coordinates and supports a wide range of activities that help communities to reduce vulnerability to hazards, prepare for, and cope with disasters. This work is generally thought of in four phases: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.


  1. Mitigation is any activity designed to prevent or reduce losses from disaster.

  2. Preparedness is the development of plans and procedures for effective disaster response.

  3. Response is an immediate reaction to a disaster.

  4. Recovery helps restore critical community functions and manage reconstruction after a disaster or emergency.


While the Office of Emergency Management works towards community resilience on a daily basis, our program loses effectiveness without community involvement. Gilpin County has experienced fires, floods, blizzards, and plane crashes. Your ability to respond appropriately in an emergency situation is critical! Please be certain to familiarize yourself with the emergency preparedness information provided, so that you can protect yourselves and your loved ones. The best response is a prepared community. 

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Melissa Lewis

Director of Emergency Management

2960 Dory Hill Road,

Suite 300
Black Hawk, CO 80422


(720)289-6788 - Office

(303)582-5798- Fax

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