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Join the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office for …

Diverse Opportunities

Gilpin County is a largely rural mountain community located along the scenic Colorado Highway 119.  With an influx of visitors to the county in the thousands every week, Gilpin County Deputies experience a variety of different calls. 


The Cutting Edge

The Sheriff's Office has outfitted its special units with fully equipped vehicles, such as an armored vehicle; a Mobile Communications Van; a UTV for back-country patrols and rescues; and a Sno-Cat for winter use.


A Culture of  Quality Community Service

The motto of our office is “Committed to Community Through Quality of Service.” As a group, our office is always looking for better ways to serve our citizens. Whether that’s through the use of new technology or instituting a new law enforcement strategy, we are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our county. 


A Great Place to Live and Work

Many of the employees who work at the sheriff's office also call Gilpin County home. Once a thriving mining area, Gilpin County is now a beautiful mountain community within close proximity to any metropolitan needs.



In addition to our open and welcoming staff, there are internal programs in place, including employee assistance and the sheriff's association, that provide support to employees and their families.


To Make a Difference

Sheriff's Office employees make a difference in their community every day. We affect people’s lives positively by apprehending dangerous criminals, reaching out to crime or crisis victims, and ensuring our community is a safe place for future generations.




The Gilpin County Sheriff's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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