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Telephone Information

Click here to set up inmate/friends/family accounts with Cidnet or call 1-888-984-1903.

For commonly asked questions about Cidnet and associated rates and fees



  • If a conflict or abusive language is used on the phone at any time the phone call will be terminated, whether in the booking area or in the pods.


  • Inmates have access to the telephones before being placed in general population.  This is a collect call only.


  •  Inmate will have access to telephones in the day room between the hours of 8 AM – 11:00 PM.


  • All telephone calls must be prepaid, an outside account set up, or monies may be transferred from the inmate account to the phone account for phone credits.


  • No messages will be taken for any inmate unless it is a life and death emergency or serious illness emergency.  The emergency will be verified.


Continuous or harassing phone calls, made by inmates, should be reported to the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office at




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