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Identity Theft/Fraud and Cyber Crimes
24 Hour ID Theft & Fraud Hotline 1-855-443-3489 (toll free)
Support and assistance provided by victim assistance experts available to victims of ID Theft or Fraud 24 hours, every day, including weekends and holidays.

Identity Theft
Identity Theft occurs when someone obtains, possesses transfers or uses the personal identifying information of another without that person's permission, and subjects the victim to any number of issues such as civil liability, criminal prosecution, collection actions, medical expenses, credit problems and more.

Fraud is the attempt to deceive a person for the purposes of gaining something of value, such as money, personal identifying information or goods.

Cyber Crimes
Cyber crime is the use of a computer, the Internet, Social Media, Smartphones or other technology to perpetrate criminal activity.

Are You At Risk?
It is estimated that an ID Theft or Fraud occurs once every 2 seconds in the US. Specialists report that the incidents of cyber crimes have more than doubled in the past year. These are crimes that impact almost every citizen in some way every day. Simple daily activities like stopping at the grocery store, filling your car with gas, eating at your favorite restaurant or checking your email, social media sites or doing a web search put you and your family at risk. Identity theft, fraud and cyber crimes affect millions of Americans regardless of socio-economics, ethnicity or age. Yes, you are at risk!

Identity Theft Brochure 
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