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The Front Range is no stranger to wildland fire. Our aim is to achieve the common goal we all share; preventing a loss of any kind.

With large fires occurring every month of the year, evacuations have become more commonplace. We encourage the adage, ‘when in doubt, get out!’ If you feel threatened, go! Keep in mind, in some cases, there is no time for formal evacuation notifications due to quickly changing conditions.

If you or someone close to you has a disability or requires special assistance, please call the Gilpin County Sheriff's Office at 303-582-5500. In an emergency, always dial 911.



Shelter in Place

There is a hazard in your area and you should remain or go indoors, not go outdoors, and not evacuate the area. This may be the safest strategy for hazardous materials, law enforcement, or other incidents wherein an evacuation could actually increase the danger to you.
Need help with your preparedness planning?

Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office is moving to a 2-stage evacuation order system.  This will replace the current 3 stages of evacuation.  The new system for evacuation will go into effect immediately.


The new Evacuations are:



There is a hazard in your area that may require you to evacuate in the near future. Everyone should be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. If you feel you are in danger and want to leave, do so. If you need additional time to evacuate, you should consider leaving now. If you need to arrange for transportation assistance, you should do so immediately. If you have livestock or other large animals, you should consider removing them from the hazard area now.


Mandatory Evacuation

There is a hazard in your area and you have been ordered to evacuate immediately. If you need assistance evacuating yourself or need help evacuating animals, call 911. You will be provided the safest escape routes known, so make sure you follow the instructions as other routes may be closed or unpassable. You will also be told where an evacuation point has been established to provide information and safe place if you have nowhere else to go. Do not delay – evacuation means you need to leave immediately!

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