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Bicycling in Colorado: Rules of the Road
Ride on the right – Never ride against traffic

Ride in the right lane, except when passing another vehicle, preparing for a left turn, or avoiding hazards.

Always ride with the flow of traffic.

Ride on the paved shoulder whenever one suitable for bicycle riding is present.

Ride single-file

Ride two abreast only when no motor vehicle traffic is approaching within 300 feet (front or rear) or when all cyclists are on the shoulder. On curving canyon roads, play it safe and ride single-file.


Obey traffic laws, signs and signals

Use hand signals to indicate left or right turns, slowing, or stopping.

Remember to obey red lights and stop signs.

Use a headlight, taillight, and reflectors at night; make eye contact with drivers

Never assume motorists see you or that you have the right-of-way.

Expect the unexpected; your first responsibility is to avoid a crash.


Always wear a helmet

Get a helmet that’s comfortable and fits well. Wear it whenever you ride… it can reduce the severity of brain injury in a crash by 88%, and it could save your life!

Replace your helmet anytime it’s involved in a crash, or if it becomes worn out after normal wear and tear.


Rules for trails

Ride, skate, and walk single-file, on the right side of the trail and with the flow of the other trail traffic.

Don’t block the trail.

Groups should be in single file when other trail users are present and should never use more than one-half of the trail to allow for the flow of traffic.


Control your speed!

Obey speed regulations. Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking other trail users.


Who yields the trail?

Before passing another trail user, be courteous and make your approach known. A friendly greeting like “Hello, passing on your left,” or ringing a bell, is considerate.

  • Bicyclists, skaters, walkers, and others yield to equestrians

  • Bicyclists and skaters yield to walkers

  • Bicyclists yield to skaters

  • Downhill users yield to uphill users

  • Faster users yield to slower users


Never spook animals; Leave no trace; Respect wildlife; Plan ahead

Stay on existing trails and don’t create any new ones.

Pack out at least as much as you pack in.

Carry identification and some money with you in case of emergency. 


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